Monday, January 31, 2005

Diet time!

I was out at Walmart last night and saw an exercise bike that was on sale for half off. So I splurged a bit and bought it. Now that it's in my livingroom, I need to buckle down and actually get committed to making my hiney smaller. :o)

My friend Karla has pointed me in the right direction for finding out how to do HTML tags. I'm working on learning, and hopefully I will be able to improve this site once I know what I'm doing. I changed some things around this morning -- not bad for a first try. Kinda fun to be learning something new. Check out Karla's Blog -- she's got lots of neat stuff there. :o)

I'm working on writing out the directions for some of the crochet patterns I have designed. I designed them in my head as I was crocheting, so it's hard to put the directions down on paper sometimes. But I'm getting there -- then I will have a couple friends test them for me to find any mistakes. I have a lot of respect for crafters who develop their own pattern books and publish them -- it's a lot of work.