Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Reactiving my Crochet Group

I started a crochet group several years ago, and it was active for quite awhile until there was a death in our family. I didn't do anything with the group for a longggg time. I'm re-starting it now, and am working on updating the craft homepage that goes with it, so that I can post some of my own designs to the web.

If you want to be a pioneer member of the group, feel free to join. :o) As soon as we get some new members, we will be discussing crochet and crafts, playing games, and sharing recipe ideas, links of all sorts, cleaning tips, family stuff -- whatever you want to talk about! New members are very very welcome. After being dormant since 2001, the group only has five members left. lol. The only rules are no offensive comments, and no spamming. I want the members to feel safe, and to know that their email addresses will not be used for unsolicited advertisements, etc. Spammers and flamers will be feel safe in joining. Your privacy is important!

I am working on updating the CrochetKlatsch website. I will post the URL here when that's done. :o)