Monday, June 05, 2006

Animal Crackers

While I was grocery shopping two weeks ago, I bought the baby a bag of Barnum's Animal Crackers. I knew the baby would like them, and thought we could talk about the different animals while he snacked. The fact they were in a re-closeable bag instead of the cute little train car box didn't bother me.

But then I opened the bag....... oh my! Most of the animal shapes weren't even close to recognizable. The ones that I could identify were in pretty bad shape. I told myself that I just got a bad bag. It happens.

I bought another bag this week. Opened it -- same problem!

I am disappointed!! I remember when the animal shapes really looked like lions, camels, ponies, etc. And they all had happy smiles on.

I guess the one on the left is a giraffe, but he had no face, and his body was just a lump. The middle one -- I have no clue, it was just a lump. And the one on the right I guess is a lion based on the legs.

Gee....what has happened to animal crackers??? They look like Nuclear Accident crackers. Strange mutation snacks.

Makes me want to email them to let them know they can't screw around with Animal Crackers!!!! When we buy animal crackers, we don't want crumbly cookies! We want crunchy smiley happy little circus animals that LOOK like animals!!!!

Ok.....sipping coffee, taking deep breaths, thinking zen, calming down. :)

On to crafting!

I am doing great so far on my June challenge to finish up UFO's and current projects. I've been working mainly on swap items this past week. Sent out six boxes on Friday -- making great progress!! I bought a latch hook so I can finish the partially completed kitten latchhook kit that's been hanging around since 1999. :) I'm going to pull it out and get busy with that tonight. And I'm going to pull that cable sweater out this afternoon and sort through the notes I was making while knitting. Once I figure out where I left off, I'm going to get busy on finishing up the back on that.

I've started on the bookmarks I need to make for a swap at Crochetville and for The Great Bookmark Swap. I blocked the 2 I have done on Saturday.

I need to take the pins out today and make two more. :) I'm using patterns out of "3 Dozen Bookmarks and One More.'' 37 really neat bookmark patterns!! :) If you like to work with thread and want some small, quick projects, I'd recommend this pattern book.

I use scrap pieces of foam core insulation to block my thread crochet on. It's sturdy, the pins don't come out, and it's easy to clean. It's simple to mark on too. Using a compas and sharp pencil you can easily mark out circles to block doilies. Or a ruler and pen for making straight lines to block squares. My husband always has pieces in various sizes hanging around, so I grabbed a little one to block bookmarks on. You can buy sheets of foam core insulation at any home improvement store. It comes in various thicknesses -- different sizes are color coded.

I will continue plugging away at getting projects finished!! :) I'm going to be really excited when all the UFO's are done, and I can start making a new "to do'' crafting list!!!

I got 2 new postcards from Postcrossing this week!!! From Finland and Germany!

I have a huge stack of postcards from all over the world after a few months of using Postcrossing!! If you like to send cards and receive them, give it a try! It's free, and a lot of fun!