Saturday, March 05, 2005

Old, New and Cool!!

I've been terribly neglecting my blog this week. Just having one of those weeks where I can't find enough time to get everything done I want to do. Finally getting some computer time today!


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I went by the thrift shop this week, and found a great old magazine from 1976. I had to smile at all the old Bicentennial ads. :o) I got the magazine for a quarter, and its full of crochet and knit sweater patterns. I will definitely put it to use. The old style sweaters, hats and scarves have definitely come back into fashion.


My order from Handy Hands Tatting was delivered on Friday.

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I sat down last night after the baby went to bed and tried it out with some fingering yarn and an #03 needle. After I got the hang of it, it was easy. Took me a couple tries to hold the yarn against the needle and do the loops around my index finger correctly. I will try with #10 thread tonight.

Want to learn needle tatting, or other fiber arts/crafts?? The HOW TO site has links to tutorials for all sorts of crafts. There's a huge range of topics from basics like knitting and crochet to how to do Celtic Knotwork and weaving. Check it out!


I had a bad morning on Friday. But the postman made my day. Not only did I get my tatting supplies, but I got a Crochetville Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) puffy. A sweetie pie from Crochetville (you know who you are) sent me a beautiful beaded book thong and some handmade stitch markers. I love them!! Thank you so much!!

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And, I thought I'd post an updated picture of our new puppy Max. Hubby gave him to me and the kids as a Valentine's Day present. He's growing like a weed. He has found his favorite place to nap:

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The baby and the puppy are both rapidly outgrowing the bouncer seat. :o))