Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My WIM list just got longer!

I bought two new pattern books over the weekend: 3 Dozen and One Bookmarks and 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches. I bought yarn to make the afghan this morning:

I don't really care for pink, so I substituted burgundy. Hubby will like that. Burgundy is his favorite color. :) I'm going to join in on the 63 squares crochet a long on Crochetville. I've almost bought the pattern book several times in the past because the squares are so pretty, but never did because I really don't like to join squares. After seeing the CAL, it helped me make up my mind to buy the pattern book. I won't be the only one weaving in ends! :o)

Right now I'm working up a pattern of my own for a remote control organizer. We have too many remotes -- the television has a remote, the speaker system has a remote, the DVD/VCR player has a remote and the satelite television system has a remote. And it never fails -- whichever one you need is the one that is under a sofa cushion, in the baby's mouth, or in the remote bermuda triangle somewhere. So I'm making an organizer to hold all the remotes and our tv guide. Then the guys won't get testy when the remote is missing!

I bought some big beads on sale at Walmart (gotta love their craft sale bins!!) , and I'm going to come up with a pattern for a book thong too. I already have the basic design worked up in my head -- just have to get the ol' hook out and get busy making one. And I replenished my supply of large and small cabone rings -- can't ever have enough of those little doo-dads. :o)

I have my kitchen set patterns all drafted, and I'm making a set to see if I find any mistakes. As soon as I get at least the dishcloth and potholder parts done, I will get them posted here to share them with everyone.

Takes me a few extra days to get patterns done because my crochet time is during baby's naps and the puppy's walk times, and at night when baby (and puppy) have both gone to bed. :o)

The community college called me yesterday. They got my enrollment fee for the knitting class in April, and they're sending me out a packet of information. I've been wanting to learn how to knit for a longggggggg time, so I'm really excited about this. It's gonna be hard to wait until April 19th to start!