Friday, February 18, 2005

Mill Ends!

I live in Spindale, NC -- the home of Elmore Pisgah, maker of Peaches and Creme cotton and America's Best thread, etc. In fact, their plant is about two minutes drive from my house.

Here's the sign outside the mill:

I picked up some mill ends today. They sell mill end crochet cotton for 75 cents a ball if you pick the colors you want and 60 cents a ball if they pick. And they also sell mill ends of the double cotton and thread, and lots of other stuff. They had a whole room slam full of all sorts of colors in balls and cones.

Here's what I bought:

The big green cone is just a bit bigger than #10 thread and has a bit of stretch to it. I thought I could make some holiday decorations and maybe some coasters or placemats from it. There's definitely enough on that cone to make scads of whatever I come up with.

I had a blast!! Never thought I would live in the town where they make my favorite crochet cotton!

Today I signed up to take a knitting class at the local community college in April and May. $45 to sign up. I will finally be able to learn to knit -- I hope! :o) Someone from the Crochetville list let me know that ICC had the class. I can't wait!