Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Love Story??

Yesterday, I watched him struggling to get her attention. He called to her. She ignored him. He cleaned her house. She paid him no attention. I couldn't hear it....but I could imagine him serenading her with love songs. I did see him showing off for her....trying his best to show that he was a strong and good man.....

Nothing worked. She just stared him down with disdain. Not even moving an inch in his direction. I really felt sorry for him. Totally rejected....

I'm not normally a voyeur. But the whole drama was impossible to miss yesterday while I sat on our porch watching Joshua play with the dogs.... If he didn't want the world watching, he should have taken his wooing attempts to a more private location.

But then again.....he was so wrapped up in his goal that he didn't even notice me.

And most likely I was the only person who noticed his pick-up lines were failing.

The two lovers were spiders on the ceiling of our screened porch.

Obviously she must have considered his advances, as he had taken up residence in her web with her. But, alas, his attempts not only met with a stern NO, but his was a fatal mistake.

When I went out this morning.....she had not only killed him....but she ATE HIM. The poor little lovesick guy that yesterday was plucking her web strings with his front legs is today a little flattened dead spidie still stuck to her web, his little legs flopping around in the breeze.

Today, another male spider is hanging around......1/3 her size. he hasn't ventured onto her web....he's sitting about 8 inches away. You'd think with his dead rival still hanging there, that he'd try to woo another Miss Spider. She must have great legs or something.....

While I was taking a picture of the dead Cassanova-Arachnid, I also took some pictures of the dogs. :)

This is Buddy. He's a Pomeranian Jack Russell terrier mix.

Buddy is a happy dog, and loves to play fetch with his squeaky toys. :) He's about 10 months old. We've had him since October.

Buddy was kinda lonely without another doggie friend to play with. So about a month ago, we got a dog for the dog. :)

Drake was posted on freecycle where we live. He's a schnauzer - terrier mix, and the most lovable raggamuffin there is. :)

He's on the go all the time, so it was hard to get a picture of him sitting still. I have several blurred shots where he moved while I was trying to get his picture. :)

Awwww.....look at that cute punum! :) Just gotta love him! :)

And he and Buddy are the best of friends! Getting a dog for the dog was a great idea!