Saturday, April 21, 2007

Prom Day!!

It's prom day for my son, and my step-daughter today! So, it's been a busy day of tie-tying, picture taking, and chauffering. :)

Mike is going to prom with his girlfriend Drema. And Sonya is going with her boyfriend Brian. :)

Here's some pictures we took this afternoon....

from L to R: Drema, Mikey, Sonya and Brian. :)

Mike and Sonya :)

Sonya with little brother Joshua. :)

Don't they look great!!! Since Mike was all dressed up, we got studio photos taken at Walmart this afternoon after he and Drema ate we'll finally have a nice 8x10 picture of Mike to put up with our other "kid'' photos! :) And in a Tux, no less. :)