Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm still playing catch-up with things after being sick, and having our computer go on the fritz. The PC is back after being reformatted, and I'm feeling better. Now, I'm hurridly taking exchange packages to the post office and still catching up on correspondence.

I missed out on Easter dinner this year. I still had quite a bad cold, and I didn't want to make anybody sick. So, I stayed home with my kleenex box and my cold tablets. I did get the report from the kids that everyone had a great time at the family dinner at my MIL'sthis year. :) My teenage son helped me bake a cake and make deviled eggs for the celebration. :)

Mikey baked the cake and I decorated it:

To make a bunny cake, just make two 8" or 9" inch round cakes. One is the face. The other you cut into the ears and the bow tie parts. Attach the ears and bow tie with toothpicks and frost. Refrigerate for about an hour so that the frosting sets a bit. Then decorate with various candies....we used rope licorice, Dots, and Jelly Belly jellybeans. The colored sections on the ears and bowtie were done with shaved coconut colored with a few drops of food coloring. :)

Right now, I'm knitting on a felted purse for an exchange, and I'm working on my ISE4 scarf! Both are coming along nicely....I want to felt the purse this weekend, so I'm busily clicking the ol' needles today.

I received a wonderful box from my SP 10 pal the other day!! :) I meant to post pictures then, but then our computer went down for the count for a couple days. Now that it's back in working order, here is what my awesome SP10 partner sent me:

I received some patchouli scented tea light candles (They smell SOOOOO good!), a box of orange pekoe tea that will definitely help the last dregs of this head cold go bye bye, and an awesome knitting book, "A Treasury of Magical Knitting'' by Cat Bordhi. :) The book is all about mobeius knitting. I've been dying to try this technique for some time -- as soon as I get all my exchanges sent out, I'm going to get out the needles and give it a try! :)

Gotta get back to knitting!!!!! :)