Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Un-Swap

How many of us make gorgeous handmade items with new awesome yarns.....and then box them up and send them to someone else??

We all have dream projects in the back of our minds that seem to get put off over and over again......

So, stop putting it off!! Join the Un-swap!

Members pick out an awesome pattern, or buy that special yarn or notions they've been eyeing, and at the end when it's all done, it's all theirs!! Woo Hoo! Stop dreaming of the perfect felted bag, that gorgeous lace scarf, or those totally funky awesome socks......and actually MAKE THEM FOR YOURSELF!!! And, have fun sharing photos and posts about your project with a great bunch of fellow crafters!!!

No deadlines. No hassles. No stress. No worries. No postage costs. Just fun!!!

The group has just gotten started, and we're gathering new members! Come and check it out -- instructions for joining the group are posted on the group blog. If you love to make blog buttons, feel free to make a couple for us. I'll post them in the blog margin as I receive them. :)

Hugs! Juli