Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Lesser of Two Evils.....

Cell phones bug me. I've nearly been in car accidents several times because someone was absentmindedly driving while chatting on the phone. I've been embarrassed several times because I thought people were talking to me, when actually they were on the phone and using one of those sneaky little ear pieces. (we've all had that happen haven't we??). I've been on important calls to my husband only to have his end of the conversation suddenly drop. And....I've been in intimate situations with my husband, only to have his cell phone start playing rinky-tink music. Total mood ruiner.

Cell phones are annoying. And I have managed to avoid getting one for a long time.

But, alas, I have been assimiliated. Resistance was futile.

There are worse things than having a phone everywhere I go. If I have an accident, I can call for help. If one of the kids gets hurt, someone can find me no matter where I am. And if I feel a strong need to play I can play it anywhere, anytime.

So, I guess the phone is the lesser of two evils. Being totally out of touch in an emergency is worse than toting a phone wherever I go.

Here is the annoying little bit of plastic.......

It looks unassuming doesn't it. But, don't let looks fool you. Now, no matter where I go to escape, whining teenagers can find me. lol. :) There is a bright side.....I can always let them whine to my voice mail and call them back later. Plus, it plays the Pink Panther can't really be evil if it plays the Pink Panther theme, can it??

And it only took me 2 hours last night fiddling with it to figure out how it works. When in doubt, throw the instruction manual back into the box and just start pushing buttons. :) I had the functions down in 5 minutes when I stopped trying to use the book to figure it out. :)

Now, to catch up on some swap blogging........

Thank you to Kris for the amazing FCS2 package!! She sent me scads of scrapbooking supplies, and two skeins of my favorite yarn (Wildfoote sock yarn in Rhapsody). :)

And a big thank you to Karla for my "Have a Heart'' Stitchmarker swap. :)

Packed inside a heart box, she sent me a cute dishcloth, some beautiful blue heart stitch markers, Valentine's stickers, a rose scented candle, a hello kitty valentine, Valentine's stickers, and some fruit candy and M&Ms, which Joshua thanks you very much for! He saw the M&M logo, and that candy didn't have a chance to escape! :)

And thank you to Jill for my Feb colorswap box. Due to a camera malfunction (dead memory chip), I don't have a photo. But she sent me a book called "Two Sweaters for My Father'' by Perri Klass, a skein of yarn made from corn, a big Hershey's kiss and a mix to make Tiramisu. Plus she sent some really cute magnets with pictures of chocolate on them. The men-folk in the household thank you heartily for the real chocolate! I let the boys divy up the big kiss, and gave the bag of smaller kisses inside to the hubby. :)

That's all for now......gotta drive my son to school and get started on the day. It's Errand Day today!!! Maybe I will get my first call on the evil black phone today. :) lol.