Tuesday, March 08, 2005

63 Squares Afghan 4/63

I just finished square #4 for my 63 squares afghan. I thought I'd start a photo gallery of my completed squares. I'm really HTML challenged and have been figuring things out as I go, so if someone could help me get this set up correctly, I would really appreciate it. For now I will post them one at a time. Maybe I can get a real gallery set up soon.

Square #1: Single Crochet (G Hook)

Square #2: Half Double Crochet (G Hook)

Square #3: Double Crochet (G Hook)

Square #4: Triple Crochet (G Hook, modified pattern by taking out 2 stitches on width and increasing by those 2 stitches in 1st border row to achieve gauge)

My gauge has been perfect with a G hook, except for the triple square.

With a G hook and 25 stitches across, it was 1/4" to 1/2" too large in width. And with an F hook, I could get the width, but then the height of the square was 1/4" to 1/2" too small. After trying this square 4 times and frogging it out, I measured my trc's and found that I was getting a consistent tension but that the square just wasn't going to come out a perfect 7" before the border rows. After reading that several other people had this same problem, I modified the pattern to get it to be 7" across and then put the border rows on it. Perfectly 8" square without having to try and crochet tighter or more loosely. I think it looks better that way because the stitches are still uniform and not pulled too tight or not tight enough -- and when I join my afghan there won't be any puckering or squares that won't lay flat because they aren't quite the right size.

So, 4 down.....only 59 to go. LOL