Saturday, June 11, 2005

Fightin' the fur.....and paintin'!

I fought the fur...and the fur won. Well, it almost My MIL wanted a red Fun Fur scarf to wear to her Red Hat Society meetings, so being the good DIL that I am, I bought the yarn. Last night I finally pulled out the 2 skeins and thought I'd quickly knit up her fuzzy scarf.


That fur didn't want to be knitted into anything but a tangled non furry mess. The "fur'' was getting caught in my stitches or sticking out in funky looking wonky clumps. I kept knitting two rows and ripping them out. My husband thought I was having a fit because I was growling at the yarn after about six times at frogging it out.

Finally though, I figured out that the fur wasn't going to look furry until I got a few rows done. I was being too much of a perfectionist and expecting a fuzzy poofy look in 2 or 3 rows. After I got over being obsessed with where every little piece of fuzzy hair was going, it actually started to look really cute. the Battle of the Fur, I am victorious!

Here's the scarf in progress:

Image hosted by

I also like to paint metal miniatures and got some painting done this weekend. My husband and teenage son play a war game with some of our friends that uses metal miniatures. Here's a couple that I finished this weekend. The miniatures are anywhere from 2 inches to 5 inches tall. I took some closeups with the camera so the detail would show.

Image hosted by

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Isn't that model nasty looking?? I actually had a great time painting it as gross as I possibly could. My teenager was truely impressed. :)

So, I've gotten a lot of crafting done in the last couple of days! Still working on finishing all my UFO's -- 1 scarf done. Quite a few rows added to my shawl in progress. And the Fun Fur scarf is started. I am working on 2 scarf patterns of my own. Going to work up the patterns and put them out on the blog next week hopefully. Plus I have an idea for a knitted potholder.

Anyone interested in doing some pattern testing for me???