Monday, July 11, 2005

Birthday presents!

What a surprise! Today is my birthday, and I was enjoying a nice relaxing day with my kids and knitting projects. An R&R day for Momma. Then the postman came with a surprise for me! A package came from my friend, Karla! And I also had been saving a box from my knitting pal, Debbie, from weluvknitting over at yahoogroups. :)

Look what they sent me!!

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Karla sent me two skeins of Bernat Frenzy in a color called Ultra Violet. Frenzy is a fuzzy sort of yarn. The main color is black, but there are threads of pretty bright colors entwined in it. Totally gorgeous!! She also sent me a wonderful card, and a whole bunch of patterns, including a booklet of fun fur patterns and very cute baby patterns. :)

Thank you so much, Karla. :) You're awesome, chickie! And thank you again for the beautiful handmade card you sent Joshua for his 1st birthday!! That was so thoughtful -- and amazing!! It's definitely going into his scrapbook! It's nice to have a friend who has a boy about the same age as Joshua. :)

Debbie sent me a felted bag -- perfect for toting my knitting to my knitting class on Tuesday mornings. :) And she sent me a copy of Debbie Macomber's pattern book "A Good Yarn'' that goes with her latest book. Kinda neat I got it today -- I just dropped by the library this morning to pick up that book. I'd been on the waiting list for it for a few days. :) So, I can read the book and knit some of the patterns at the same time! She also sent me two skeins of a Yarn Bee yarn called Playful in the color Ebony Solid. It's a pretty eyelash nubby sort of yarn with sparklies. :)

Thank you so much Debbie!! It's going to be so fun to be your knitting pal for the next year! :)

My WIM list is getting even longer! :)

Tonight after my training session with my friend Kathie, and dinner out with the family, I'm going to come home and work on that polka dot purse and the scarf that has been hogging my #15 needles for two months now. I want to get those cast off and start some new things!!

I did get the bottom swatch about done for the purse I'm making from green Lopi, but I'm holding off doing anymore until I get some UFO's FO'd. :) I'm still forcing myself to work on that red fun fur scarf. That project would make a great crafter's horror movie: The Eternal Project. And the sequel: Revenge of the Eternal Project in 3-D. I've had it nearly done twice, only to have to pull it out and start over. Once the baby pulled it off the needle, and then about a week ago the cat found it and ran all over the house with it. 3rd time's the charm for the cursed scarf I think. I have it 2/3 finished AGAIN, and this time I'm going to keep it hidden and locked up until it's all done. Sigh. lol.