Friday, July 08, 2005

Some Cute Online Patterns

Just having an R&R day today -- looking for some new online patterns to try. I found some really cute ones. I thought I'd share some links today. :) And definitely making my WIM list longgggggger. Sigh. Thank God I have multiple sets of knitting needles and crochet hooks. And lots of bags to store works-in-progress. I can never just do one project at a time -- gotta have lots all going at the same time. But it keeps me from getting bored! :)

OK....these sound weird, but I think they're really cute. Short-toed Socklets. It's knit socks that you can wear with sandals. This link has a picture:

I have no clue what language that page is in -- but the pdf of the pattern is in English.

I gotta make some of these! Then I can wear my sandals with the between-the-toes thingy and I won't get a blister. Not sure what the correct term for that thingy is -- but if you've got a pair that has them, you know what I mean. There's another picture of them on a blog called
Dogs Steal Yarn I read today. Check out her July 4th entry -- aren't those cute?? Makes me want to redo my pedicure, and get busy with my knitting needles. :)

Then I found a cute triangular dressy scarf. The pattern is knit, but it could be easily converted to a crochet pattern.

And how about a dammit doll -- you know, for those bad days. The basic premise (for those who don't know) is that you knit up (or crochet) an ugly doll from scraps. Then when you have a bad day, you punch, kick, jump on, or do whatever general rudeness to the doll to relieve stress. lol.

Here's one great for a trip to the beach, or the pool. A lip balm Necklace. The pattern is crocheted.

Isn't that cute??

How about a cat hat?? Crochet Me has one!

Meow meow!

How about a crocheted thong?

or this kind:

Just don't use wool. lol.

Or perhaps something for the man in your life:

And finally, a really pretty nightie:

Kinda neat what you can find on the 'net!!

I'm going to have to knit that thong for my husband in some bright awful color just to see the look on his face. lol. :)