Wednesday, July 13, 2005

To knit, or to workout -- that is the question.......

If anyone invents a way to knit and walk on a treadmill or ride an exercise bike, then by all means share it with me please. lol.

I'm trying very hard to lose weight -- and I mean a LOT of weight -- so I spend a lot of time planning menus, walking, doing workout videos, and visiting Kathie, my wonderful friend and personal trainer. Then there's the baby, and the other kids, and hubby -- between all of that, my knitting, crocheting, and painting time is going down exponentially.

The workouts and weight loss are more important than my crafting obviously, but a couple days without needles in my hands and I go into withdrawal. So I have decided to get up a bit earlier in the mornings and go to bed a bit later so that I have time to knit. Otherwise, someone will find me laughing maniacally in a closet knitting on a pair of socks in the dark gone totally bonkers. LOL.

But there is a good side to being a crafter on an all around diet (foodwise AND knitting/crafting wise), looking at pretty patterns is a great motivator for me. I have a list I have started of all the sweaters, tanks, and other knitted things I'm going to make for myself when I'm smaller. :o)

And I have two -- well, nearly 3, to be honest -- closets full of very nice clothes that I can't wear anymore. My a** has just grown too big for my wardrobe. So, I visit my clothes when I don't feel like working out. Cashmere sweaters that are too small really are a great motivator to get up and brave Denise Austin at 6 a.m. Isn't she just too perky for 6 a.m.??

On the knitting side of things, I watched a Knitty Gritty episode today that showed angora goats. Boy, they really looked miserable with all that hair hanging everywhere.

I think we have an angora cat:

Image hosted by

Foo is a Pixie Bob, and has the most beautiful, thick fluffy fur. But I think I'd lose a couple pints of blood if I tried to shear him like a goat. ha ha. :) He's the gentlest, sweetest cat actually, with his little bob tail and his big bear paws.

Gotta jet to go workout, and then I'm hitting the needles tonight after the baby goes to bed.