Monday, February 12, 2007

Fancy Stitching!

I enjoy swapping over at Swap-bot because there is such a great variety of exchanges to join in -- everything from pen pals to ATC's.

I received a great package from Janaina all the way from Brazil in the "Make a Friend'' letter swap. She sent me a fabulous letter, and a tea towel that she cross stitched.

Her needle work is the best I have seen in a long time! I remember my mother picking my stitches out as a child if the piece didn't look "the same on the back as it does on the front.'' And, she had me do things over and over again until it was right.

Janaina's stitching literally looks the same on the front and back......(much neater than I ever got mine to be!)


There's the front....... and here is the back.....

You're a very talented stitcher, Janaina!!! :) You have motivated me to try cross stitch again. I have some Christmas ornament patterns that I bought for our tree for next year. :) I want all handmade ornaments next year.....after I finish Joshua's needlepoint stocking, I will get busy cross stitching! I'm sure the back of my work won't look as good as Janaina's but I'll give it my best!

And, a big thank you to Karla for my January colorswap box! Here's what I got....

She sent 2 skeins of Jewel FX, a ball of Eros, some sparkly Christmas present tags, a journal with a sparkly butterfly, chocolate (the kids ate the kisses, and hubby ate the Whitman's......I took the tin for scrapbooking eyelets), and these really neat flower card charms. :)

Thank you Karla!!!!