Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gotta Love the Thriftshop!!

Boy did I ever have a great trip to the Thriftshop this morning!

I have been looking for clothes for Baby Josh since he's grown out of all his "baby'' clothes. Hard to find 18-24 month size clothes for little boys!!

But this morning I hit the mother lode at the Thriftshop! Not only for Josh, but for my crafting too!!

I got Josh a pair of New Balance shoes, a book, a pair of jeans, a fall weight coat and a hooded sweatshirt.

And then I saw the craft area.....oh my! Lookie at what I got!!

Image hosted by

I got a whole bunch of assorted buttons and beads, a pretty doll's head with hands (I have been wanting to make a thread angel for so long but didn't have the doll parts!), several bags of standie clothespins for making angels, and a bunch of vintage knitting and macrame pattern books/magazines!! :) I about fell over.

And....not only was HALF PRICE DAY. Ya think I'm livin' right??? WahHoo! I must have done something right! I'm in knitting/crocheting nirvana!!

Total price of everything including Josh's stuff: $10.97

Happy dance, Happy dance, Happy dance!! :) Anyone who has seen my RAOK list at C'ville knows how much I love buttons.....I used to play with my grandma's button box when I was a little girl. And now I love making crafts using old buttons. I bought a little tin of buttons off ebay for an exorbitant price. Now I won't have to do that again! I got 10 baggies full of buttons, buttons and more buttons!! :) The little girl in me is skipping!

Gee, funny how such a small thing can really brighten up a rainy day! :)