Monday, August 29, 2005

It's finally done!!

I finally finished a knitting project I started back in May......I got busy making other things and it sat half finished for months. But now......all done!!! :)

This is my first intarsia project. I saw the pattern on Knitty Gritty and it was a great beginning project to learn how to do color changes. The show episode was called "Intarsia.'' The pattern, chart and instructions/how-to videos, etc are all here.

Here's a photo of the finished bag:

Image hosted by

The only part about the project that I didn't like was weaving in all the ends when I was done.

Image hosted by

Look at all those little ends. Ugh. lol :) And most of the bag is stockinette stitch, so the sides rolled up on me. An iron and a little bit of steam taught the sides some manners so that I could stitch up the side seams.

If this was a bag I was actually intending to use, I would have made the ties at the top from I-cord or something more substantial. But, I'm going to give it to the 6-year old daughter of friends of ours, so I just used 4 strands of yarn knotted at the ends.

For anyone wanting a simple pattern to help learn Intarsia, this is a great pattern. :) The chart is easy to read, and the stitches are all simple.

I am glad to report that I now only have ONE project that has been on my UFO list for awhile.....a homespun scarf. I've finished all my other in-progress projects!! :)) So, as soon as I bind off that scarf, I can start the felted purse I have been putting off, the coin purse to match my booga bag, a mohair shawl I just bought the yarn for, a drop stitch scarf I've been planning in my head for awhile, a hat/scarf set for the baby out of the Family Circle Easy Knits Fall magazine, and a sweater vest that my MIL wants me to make.

Doesn't take me long to plan a whole new list of projects! :)