Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Playin' with Sticks

Great Fall weather here in NC this week! We've been doing yard work and playing outside a lot. Baby Josh has been "helping'' me. I rake up the leaves, and he plays in them and tries to eat them. He really is a good helper.

He does believe that everything needs to be put in his mouth though. I need to make a tape recording of me saying "WHAT is in your mouth, Josh?? Spit that out -- yuck!'' because I spend all day saying that over and over and over again. lol.

Here is Josh eating a leaf:

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Here is Josh eating a stick:

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Here is Josh eating dirt:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Needless to say he needed a bath by the time we went inside yesterday. :)

Our kitten Grover also had a great time outside. The wind was blowing leaves across the yard, and he felt he had to stalk and kill each one that he saw move. He played so hard, he tuckered himself out and had to nap all afternoon on our livingroom coffeetable.

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In the afternoon Josh played on the screened in porch and I worked on my newest knit sock project. Josh was playing with sticks, so I figured I should, too. :) I'm making a pair of socks using lime and turquoise microspun. These are going together much faster than my first pair. The only thing I could complain about is that microspun splits easily -- it's made from lots of small strands twisted into a larger strand, and it can be a bit of a pain. But it's pretty! :) As soon as I have this pair done, I'm going to make a pair with Trekking XXL in a pretty autumn varigated.

Here's my microspun sock so far:

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I'm picking the stitches up around the heel flap to start the instep. Then I'll change back to the green for the toe. Definitely bright colored socks! :) Why didn't someone warn me before I knitted socks that I'd be addicted??? I will have to go to SA meetings soon. "Hi. My name's Juli and I'm....a knit sock addict.'' :) But then again, warm and cute tootsies never killed anyone. :)

There are some pretty flowers blooming in our yard. Does anyone know what kind of flower these are???

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I grew up in morthern Kansas, so there are some flowers that grow here in NC that didn't grow in the midwest. I'd never seen a Camilia bush before I came up here. I'd never seen a magnolia tree, or a crepe myrtle either. And, I'd never seen kudzu either -- but most people in NC wish they'd never seen kudzu. lol. I don't recognize these little purple flowers -- but they sure are pretty!! And they attract butterflies like crazy! :)

And since it seems to have become a tradition lately.....here is the latest creepy crawlie we saw outside.

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I can tell it's getting cooler outdoors. The spiders are moving slower and sloooowerrrrr. I kinda feel sorry for them, but I do tell them that they are NOT invited indoors. :) They will meet up with Mr. Rolledup Newspaper if they venture indoors.