Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wool and the Postal Blues

I had a lucky thriftshop find this week! Two boxes of wool yarn!

It's mostly fingering weight, and so soft! I will definitely find good uses for it! I also found a bat Halloween costume for Joshua and several Isaac Asimov Robot books....gotta love 'em!

Speaking of books, I have started a reading/book review blog at I am challenging myself to read more, and watch television LESS! I went to the library this week and checked out some "cozy'' mystery books to fuel my efforts. :)

Joshie wanted me to take his picture tonight. Usually he hides his face, but today he brought me the camera and posed for me. lol.'s his picture:

That's his innocent look that he usually gets right before he gets into something, spills his drink or breaks something. :) Gotta love toddlers. :)

I have a big case of the Postal Blues this week. Today I got my 2nd shredded piece of mail in a week. Came in a nice envelope with an "ooops'' message on it. Last time, the letter came in a plastic baggie with just a little sticker that said "Damaged in processing.'' This time, I got a big white envelope with a long drawn out apology.

Sigh. And I have two boxes floating around no-where land in the post. One package to the UK is now a month overdue. And a priority package is floating around between here and Kentucky confirmation # just says I mailed it from here. It was never scanned again once I shipped the box. GRRRR. I knew I should have sent it UPS....from now on, I'm going to do just that with big swap packages. I'm praying the box hasn't been lost. *Crossing fingers* The postal clerks here are great, and they are trying to trace the boxes for me. Makes me really nervous, as I have a package on its way to Australia and a letter heading to New Zealand, not to mention 5 foreign postcards in the mail right now, plus packages I'm waiting on from Australia and the UK.

Anyone else having difficulties with the post right now besides me??

And, I have been tagged!

1. Your Movie Star name: (gfather/gmother on father's side/your favorite candy... i.e. Alfred Ann Skittles) Joe-Rose Butterscotch

2. Flygirl/guy name (first letter of first name followed by "izzle'' plus first2 or 3 letters of last name followed by "dizzle" - Jizzle WyDizzle

3. Detective name (favorite color, favorite animal) Teal Cat

4. Your Star Wars name: (First 3 letters of your first name, last 3 letters of your mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name repeated twice). Julman FooFoo

5. Superhero Name (Your favorite color and the car that you drive) Blue Saturn

I tag Hydee and Lucy! :)