Tuesday, August 08, 2006

UFO decision and Christmas lists

I've made my list and I've checked it twice.....ahead of time. Yes, I am proud to say I have already made my gift list for Christmas. And I'm starting on it ASAP.

Since June, I have not been starting any new projects and I've been whittling away at all my unfinished crafting. I've made great progress......but there are still a few things that need to be finished. I could spend 2 more months on these long-term stragglers, and have them all done. But then I would rush into the holiday knitting season, and be swamped.

Last Christmas I didn't even start a list until October, and I just felt so rushed and hurried. I didn't enjoy it, and frankly, it pretty much zapped my holiday fun. So, I'm going to start early this year.

That means I'm re-vamping my UFO Challenge to fit with my need to get busy.

I am going to start Christmas presents when I am finished with my MIL's cabled sweater vest and the sock I am working on. That should take just a few more days. I'm making great progress on the sweater this week, and the sock is easy. :)

I ripped out the yarn bee scarf that was in progress. It had been on the needles for months, and I hadn't been doing anything with it. So now I have a free set of needles and a nice big ball of yarn to start over with later.

I'm going to do the same thing with the Branching Out scarf I've been working on. I really don't like the Soft as Silk version either. Wrong yarn again. So I will buy the right sort of yarn that shows better stitch definition and doesn't try to split all the time, and maybe make the scarf for a Christmas present.

The two big UFO projects that I really need to finish -- the kitten latchhook and the Scraps of Beauty crocheted afghan I will use as filler projects. When I need a break from knitting, I will work on those projects....and at least once a week, when I have extra time in the evening, I will work on them as well. That way they will be headed towards getting finished.

The Christmas tree skirt sequin and bead applique has several finished motifs on it....I'm going to cut them out and make tree decorations out of them, instead of finishing the entire tree skirt.

And, Joshua's baby scrapbook will just have to be on the back burner until I get my craft room stuff moved to the front room, and Joshua's bedroom set up for him. I don't want to drag all that stuff out right now when there's no place to put it away while it's in progress. Saves me a big headache and a big mess.

So, all I have to do is finish the sweater and the socks....and I'm off my yarn diet! BUT....only one project at a time!

And as for the gift list.....we have a rather large family to buy for, so I don't purchase anything huge. For the gals, I'm going to make everyone a lace scarf in their favorite color(s). For my little nieces, they are all going to get a handknit doll this year. All different so that they know which doll is theirs. For my nephews, I will give them some toy cars, and a couple neat books to read. The guys in the family are more difficult. For the younger guys (older teens), I'm going to get them gift cards so that they can pick out something for themselves. That way I don't buy them something they aren't going to use or want. Not sure yet what to do for my FIL and my two BILs.....but I will figure out something in the next week or so.

This year I am going to be way ahead of the game, so that when the holidays roll around, I can just relax, enjoy my decorations, have some holiday parties, and not be stressing about anything! :)

Now.....back to knitting on that sweater!! :)