Thursday, September 14, 2006

My muse is on vacation.....

Seems like I haven't done much in the way of anything creative lately. My muse has been silent...I suppose she must be in the Bahamas working on her tan or something. :)

I did pick up my trusty paint brushes this week and worked on some miniatures. And I'm all set to crochet a purse maybe she's on her way back home now. Hope she brings me a T-shirt, or other nifty souvenier.

A big thank you to my Favorite Color Swap partner. Here's a picture of the great blue and purple stuff I received from her!

I especially love the blackberry herbal tea and the cool glass oil candle. :)

The kids are all doing great. Mikey had some friends over to play D&D the other night. Here's a picture of the dungeon he laid out for them....

Joshua is on a Veggie Tales kick. My husband has puppets of Bob, Larry and Junior Asparagus. They are now Joshua's favorite companions. He carts Bob and Larry evvvverywhere, even to bed with him.

And here's some pictures of the models I've been working on this week.

The Sunburst Crew is from Warmachine -- part of the Protectorate of Menoth faction. Just a bit more to do on them....the last bit of detail, lining in, and clean putting the whole thing on a base...and its done. But I have lots more protectorate to go....seems like everytime I think I've made progress getting my army finished, I find more models that aren't done. :) Or my husband buys me more models. lol. It's a never ending project.

I'm also gearing up to paint some Warmachine Cryx faction models. I had to assemble and prime them...haven't started painting on them yet. My brain is still trying to come up with a good color scheme.

And I've painted one Bridge Troll. I have the Starter Set for Hordes Trollblood, plus one large Warbeast....and I wanted to experiment on a Bridge Troll model before I started painting on my Hordes models.

Here's the first coat from the front:

Here he is after a 2nd coat.

I'm going to try and finish him up tonight....last detailing coat and his base to work on. I definitely wouldn't want to meet him on a dark night. lol.