Thursday, December 21, 2006

Almost finished!!

Ever had a project that you just got sick of working on?

My first cable sweater has been on the needles for more than a year. The neverending The pattern isn't difficult. I just got tired of doing the same rows over and over and over again and the poor thing got put on the back burner for months.

On the upside, I did get LOTS of practice with front and back cables, and front and back twists. I love the honeycomb effect of the twists. I have an idea for an aran scarf forming in my head while I'm finishing up this sweater. I think I'll have 3 skeins of the yarn left over -- I might just have to get started on that idea once this sweater is all done.

Making great progress now though! The end is in sight!

Last night I did the armhole decreases for the back panel. Just a few more row repeats and I can do the BO and decreases for the neck.

Then I'll just have the finishing touches -- blocking, front bands for buttons and buttonholes, armbands to finish up armholes, two pockets, and, of course, seams.

I didn't use fancy yarn for my first cable project. It's for my MIL, and I didn't want to make her anything that came with complicated washing instructions. Plus, I didn't want to make a huge investment in yarn in case it turned out badly (great confidence in my knitting skills, eh? lol). I used Bernat Berella 4. It's acrylic and not expensive, but it's been great to work with. It's not stiff or plasticy, and the sweater isn't overly bulky or heavy. I will tell my MIL to wash the sweater separately on delicate, and to air dry.

I know I won't have it done by Christmas, but at least I can tell her that it will be done soon. :) She's been patiently waiting for a long time!

Is this when I should start worrying that it won't fit??? LOL