Saturday, November 25, 2006

Naughty Puppy!!

Our Puppy Buddy was a badddd dog this afternoon. He was bored, and decided to "play'' with some of my knitting. He pulled a couple skeins of yarn out of my knitting basket and ran all over the house. Easily picked up. No worries.

BUT.....he also found my completed first fingerless glove (just finished it last week and haven't made the mate yet. Photos of the glove in progress are in an earlier post.), and proceeded to chew on it. I was rolling up the yarn he had pulled all over the house when I found it.

YIKES!!! I panicked at first......surely it was ruined. But after a close inspection he only damaged the top of the thumb and one of the fingers. Buddy puppy was unceremoniously banished to the backyard so that I could fix the damage.

This is the first time I've ever had to repair anything like this. I got two stitch holders and picked up the red stitches right at the color change line...half on one holder and half on another. Then I picked out the gray stitches. I knitted up a gray replacement finger quickly, and joined it to the red stitches with a yarn needle. Simple. And, while I was at it, I used a bit of red yarn and pulled the gap at the thumb gusset closed.

Good as new!! And my yarn basket now has a lid on the top. Puppy proofed!! I hope!

So, crisis averted! And I think I'll start on the 2nd glove tonight. :) No SGS to go with my SSS. :)