Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We had a really nice holiday weekend. :) Friends came over Saturday and Sunday evenings to play boardgames with us, and we had some nice family time. :)

On Saturday morning, we took Joshua to see the ducks at the lake. It's on the grounds of the local community college, so it's landscaped and really pretty there.

Here's Josh and Daddy throwing bread to the ducks and geese.

Joshie posed for a picture:

And here's Joshie with Daddy:

I don't know a lot about ducks, but they have some unusual ones.

This guy is kinda ugly:

And I've never seen a black duck before.....but here he is:

Does anyone know what kind of ducks those are??? The black one has a bit of shiny green on his wings, but he was black everywhere else that I could see. And the red on the ugly one looked a bit like a turkey waddle. Any duck experts out there???

We didn't only feed the birds at the lake. There were some small Blue Gill (sun fish) in the shallows who also enjoyed the bread. If you look closely in the top center of this picture, you can see one of them. :) They were like little bread-eating Pirana.

And since today's blog seems to be an animal post........wanna see how Fooful, our Pixie Bob, likes to sleep??

On any given afternoon, Fooful can be found in the livingroom eagle spread and sleeping. He even snores. :) And yes, his fur is as thick as it looks. He looks like a big brown bear. His paws are just massive. And he's just completely loveable, bob tail and all. :)