Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gettin' My Geek On!

Last weekend, we traveled to Charlotte for ConCarolina -- an entire weekend of playing boardgames!! Yes......we are gaming geeks. And proud of it!!

This year, my step-daughter came along with us. She is not a gamer....she came along for the trip, the hotel pool and to play with Joshua, her nearly 3 year old little brother. We also bribed her with She was a great babysitter!! We all had a great time! Mikey (my 16 year old) came along too and played various role playing games all weekend. And, our good friend Butch came with us as well.

A great time was had by all!! Here's some photos from the weekend:

~The first game of the weekend was Struggle for Rome. I believe Michael (left) won this game. For any gamers out there, it's a distant relation of Settlers of Catan, and an enjoyable game!~

~We tried a new pickup game called Boomtown (Face to Face games).
It was a fun little card/bidding game. I whupped up on Mike (L),
Butch (M) and our friend Steve (R) in this first game. :) More info
on Boomtown is available here:
We see Steve each year at the Charlotte convention. He's a great guy!~

~Butch plots his next troop movement in Conquest of the Empire.~

~And we would all be nowhere without our resident rules
afficianado, Mike~

~Here's a shot of the entire Conquest of the Empire board. Yes, it's a
complicated game, but great fun. This game took about 5 hours to
finish. I won, but it was a very close game. More info on Conquest
is here:

The guys also played Wings of War (,
Settlers of Catan (, and several other great
games during the weekend. :)

Sonya and Joshua also had a good time!!

~Toddlers just won't hold still for

~"That water looks cold....I think I'll hang out here...~


Silly: "Shennanigans!''

Innocent: "Gee, I dunno what happened to your pop....''

Confused: "Are you talking to ME?"

Mad: "I don't want to!''

Luckily the mad face goes away fast!!!

Whew......I think that's a record for photos in one post for