Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thank you!

I received my ISE4 package from Australia!! :)

Thank you Kate!!!

Kate sent me a beautiful green cabled scarf, and a lace knit kerchief!! I love both!!! She also included an Australian knitting magazine "Yarn'', a pair of casein knitting needles (I can't wait to try them out!), a brooch pin, some cute sheep notecards, directions and information to go with the special knitting needles she sent me, and a nice note!

Here's a picture!

Here's a closeup to show the cabled scarf better:

I just love everything you sent Kate -- thank you!!!! :)

My partner for ISE4 is still patiently awaiting her scarf. I was soooo close to being able to bind it off, and then found a mistake......I had to tink back several pattern repeats....ARGH!!! But, nearly done!! It will be in the mail to Marg in Australia very very soon!!! I'll post a photo when I'm all done with blocking, etc. :)