Monday, October 29, 2007

I just love Fall!!!

We're having a great October here so far. The weather is perfect! :)

This week the city had its annual Trunk or Treat fun night for local kids. Joshua went with his daddy. He was a dragon this year!

They both had a great time. This year for the first time there were rides. Joshua rode a ferris wheel and a couple other rides with his daddy and really enjoyed himself! :)

I just realized today that I have never blogged a picture of our other kitten, Babie. She doesn't really like having her picture taken, so generally you have to snap her photo while she's distracted by something else, or asleep.

Here she is sleeping in her basket:

Actually she was asleep until she heard the whirrrrrr of my digital camera lense moving into place. Then she opened one eye to let me know that she knew I was in her face with the (*&^ camera again. :) She is half siamese, so she thinks she can have that snotty attitude. :)

Babie and Gracie have a new evening sport. It's called "Eat the Moth.'' Our computer sits right next to a window and the screen is loose at the top. Moths see the light from the computer and sneak in. Babie and Gracie wait for them, and then run themselves silly chasing them down to catch them. And then, gross as it sounds, they eat them. Uggo.

Here they are just waiting for one to fly in through the screen.

The only problem with their favorite sport is that they don't watch where they are going while they are running all over chasing moths. They knock things over, step on the answering machine (I've had to get up in the middle of the night twice to stop our messages from playing....I thought someone was in the house until I realized it was the stupid phone!), and just make a lot of noise. Silly cats!

And here is Gracie. She loves boxes. She sits in them, sleeps in them, plays in them.....

Doesn't she looked peeved??? It's like she's saying "Hello....I'm trying to enjoy my box, and you are bothering me.''

And here's Joshua without his Dragon costume on. :) He wanted his picture taken, so I obliged.

And yes....he does have a bald spot. No, he didn't do it himself. I did, by accident. lol. I was cutting his hair with clippers, and it was tickling him, so he moved his head. His head bumped the blade guard, which fell off. So Josh had a nice clipper size bald spot right in the front. Boy, didn't my husband tease the crap out of me. "I leave to go pick up our other son, and while I'm gone, you shave Joshua bald.'' LOL. :) I guess that's why I knit and don't cut hair. :) That's been a few days ago it's grown in enough to cover it up. Thank God his hair grows fast!!

I'm still knitting on my shawl. I've gotten all of the beginning border done, and now have to insert a lifeline before I start the charted lace border. I'll post a picture tomorrow of my progress after I slip in the lifeline tonight. :)