Monday, July 25, 2005

Socks and Elves

My first attempt at knitting a sock is shaping up nicely. I turned the heel this morning, and am now working on the foot part. Here's a picture of my progress so far:

Image hosted by

I did get a gap where the heel joins the instep -- not sure what caused it. I wonder if I did something wrong when I was starting to pick up stitches along that side of the heel. Not sure. Any ideas? It's a fixable problem. When the sock is finished, I'll turn it inside out and sew the gap closed.

It finally looks like a sock! :)

For any beginner sock knitter like me, there is a great video/tutorial/easy pattern on Knitty Gritty had a great sock episode!! There's a great clip listed under "heel and gusset'' that shows how to turn the heel. It was very helpful to me!

I traded a crochet book to someone for a copy of "Learn to Knit Socks.'' I'm trying to decide which pattern to try when I get this first pair finished. Not sure yet. I have time to make up my mind though -- still have another green ankle sock to make after I finish the first one.

I got 3 very nice Christmas in July packages today from Crochetville elves in OR, OH and India.

Image hosted by

From India, I got a very pretty green doily. I'm going to put it on my mantlepiece in the livingroom. THANK YOU!!

From OR, I got a great knit vest pattern book, a paperback book, a shower scrubbie, and some wonderful smelling soap!! The soap made the whole puffy smell great! THANK YOU!!

And from OH, I got a crochted purse pack with gum and Brush-Ups, a children's sweater pattern book, the cutest package of children's buttons, and a dinosaur shaped measuring tape!! I just love the measuring tape. It's already being put to use! THANK YOU!!

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