Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just Playin' Around

Last night, we had a nice family game night. We love to play board games. We literally have hundreds of them. My husband collects games of all sorts.

So, yesterday we played St. Petersburg. It's a really fun family game for 2-4 players (age 10 and up).

My husband is smiling because he's about ready to win the game. lol. See the green token on the board that's wayyyyyyy behind everyone elses?? Yep.....that's me. I lost. Someone had to. :)

Then my husband and son decided to make up their own game because they were bored, and more than a little silly. They took some little glass pieces we use as counters for games, and made up this mix of shuffleboard and marbles.

Here's Mikey getting ready to shoot at the goal:

Everyone knows you aim better with one eye closed. :)

But he missed. So here's his 2nd shot:

Aim works even better if you close one eye and hold your mouth just right. lol

Mikey did end up beating his father at this game 2-0. But I am sure that they will have a rematch.

The wool I dyed yesterday is still hanging up to dry. I will wind it up later today and see how it looks. I had to banish the cat last night. I hung the yarn up on a hanger outside for awhile. When it was done dripping, I brought it inside and hung it up near the ceiling fan. The cat was just too tempted by the moving poor Frenchie had to be sent outside.

Alone, abandoned, rejected......doesn't he look pitiful?

And the yarn is hanging just out of his reach taunting him. Poor Kitty. lol. He was so insulted by being sent outside. He pouted in the window until a moth flew by and he found better things to do than look miffed.