Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Secret Pal ROCKS!!!

It was a normal day yesterday....ho hum....until my friendly postman brought me.....(suspense, suspense, suspense).....THE BOX!

My SP7 partner sent me a great giftie box!

Lookie, Lookie!!

She sent me several kinds of funky fun yarns that I can experiment with, several sets of knitting needles, a set of dpns in size 2, 2 prs circ needles, a pair of slippers, a Journal, knitting notecards, a pattern book Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles (I've been wanting that book for forever!), and a nice big bag to put my knitting in, with a smaller long bag for my knitting needles!

Thank you!!!!! What you sent was just wonderful!!!!

I have stuffed a box full of goodies to send to my secret pal, and it will be going into the mail on Friday. I'm a few days behind as the baby was sick, and then he was nice enough to share his cold, cough and very sore icky nasty throat problem with me. Ugh. Feeling better -- so the box will make its way to the post office. I think she'll really like it!

Joshua was excited yesterday since I got a package. He always gets to pop the bubble wrap and helps me unwrap everything. He waited patiently in his Wiggle chair for me to get things ready.

And then just as I was getting ready to take pictures.......


I guess the digital camera looked more "fun'' than yarn and knitting needles. LOL. After wiping off my camera lens, I defeated the baby monster with tummy tickling, of course. :)