Sunday, February 05, 2006

Socks and the Superbowl

Well, I rooted for the Underdog, but Pittsburg still got the win in Superbowl XL....their 5th Superbowl win. That's why I was hoping Seattle would pull it off. But, they had too many penalties, and not enough umph to either their offense or defense. Pure and Simple -- Pittsburgh outplayed them. Not a very exciting game. There were a couple memorable plays -- like Kelly Herndon running 76 yards after intercepting a pass. But the game wasn't a nail-biter at all. Not like last year's game that had me screaming and jumping up and down for the last half.

Since there wasn't any excitement, I managed to knit on a pair of socks throughout the game.

I would be much further along on my newest sock project if the baby hadn't pulled it off the needles 3 times. LOL. Cursed socks!! Joshua seems bound and determined that I should never finish this pair of socks. :) 4th time must be a charm since this time I got the cuff finished. And I'm being careful to put it out of the reach of the baby. I don't want to have to start all over AGAIN.

While I was watching the football game, my husband and son were in the game room playing D&D Miniatures. Yes, it's true. The men in my family don't watch football. I'm the only gridiron fan in the household.

It's just unAmerican. lol.

But here's the proof:

They didn't even come out that much to see commercials. This year, the commercials weren't all that great. They really toned it down from last year. Of course, I can understand why with the wardrobe "malfunction'' and all the Viagra ads last year. LOL. But I think they went a little too far the other way. The usual really good hilarious ads just weren't there this year. I did like the Sprint ad about the guy's phone having "crime deterrant". I haven't ever been beaned in the head with a Cell phone before, but it really looks like it wouldn't be much fun.

If you missed the Superbowl ads and want to see them, you can see most of them here:

Well, back to my socks! I'm going to keep knitting until Grey's Anatomy is over. :)