Saturday, March 18, 2006

Crafting and Building

Lots going on at our house this week! We've been doing a lot of work on the house and in the yard, and I've also spent some time dyeing yarn and knitting. :)

Crafting first.... :)

I dyed some Knitpicks Merino with Koolaid. I mixed Blue, Strawberry and Wild Cherry together and got a neat black cherry sort of color. :)

Here's a picture of yarn soup:

I hung it out on the porch to dry, and it came out a really nice color. I haven't wound it into balls yet, but I plan to make a nice lace shawl with it. The yarn really dyed well -- it sucked up all the dye in no time at all. :)

I also got a nice purse from Rebecca at Crochetville in the purse exchange. She also sent some beads, stitch markers, a notepad and 2 balls of yarn.

I just love the color! And she lined it with fabric that says "Elvis Lives'' -- I had to smile at that! Very cute!! :)

For about the last week, my husband has been working on closing in our carport. He's making it into a rec/gaming room. They really made great progress this weekend!

On Friday night, this is what the room looked like:

Tonight, after a day of working hard, the room looks like this:

My husband's brother, dad and a friend helped him today. They really got a lot done. The OSB board, windows and the door are in now, so it really looks like a room now!

But.....there's also a colossal size mess:

There's still a lot left to do. Insulation, sheetrock, painting, carpeting, and siding on the outside....but they've made a lot of progress.

Joshua has been helping daddy. He really enjoyed trying on daddy's ear protection.

And he helped decorate a little bit:

Since Joshua was such a good boy while daddy and mommy were busy working today, daddy took time to put together Joshua's swingset. It was given to us a few months ago and has been in pieces in the backyard all winter.

It's not safe to play on still needs the bolts tightened, swings replaced, a coat of paint, and the legs dug in and concreted into the ground. But at least it's assembled now, and we replaced a lot of the bolts that were rusted. By next weekend, Joshua will have a swingset to play on!! :)