Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

Did you see my nice new gold Olympic medal I added to my blog??


That's right -- there isn't one.


I was going nice and strong on my Olympic socks and was nearly down to the heel on both of them when........

Disaster struck.

I tried the triple lutz and fell, and the French judge gave me low marks. No....wait. Wrong sport.

The baby found my knitting bag......

I'm sure you all see what's coming.

And he tried to help Mommy.......


Both socks were pulled off the needles and were just too much of a mess for me to try to save.

The horrifying end of my bid for the Olympic gold.

I won't be on the crafting Wheaties box for 2006.

But.....I still feel victorious! I had the cabling pattern spot on -- It wasn't hard. And after the baby pulled the socks off the needles, I tried them on to see if I had my size right. And yep....I was doing great!!

So, I don't feel badly about having to start over again. Now that I know the stitching pattern, it will go much faster this time around!!

And, I got a consolation prize!! My husband went on Amazon and bought me a copy of Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. You can see the book here at Interweave Press. It's great! Nancy took sock patterns from the 1800's and updated them to modern instructions. The book gives a little history of sock knitting, and includes some of the original instructions and knitting advice from the old patterns. Very cool!! I just love it!! The patterns included in the book are for all sizes too -- men's, women's and children's sock patterns. And one pair of long knitted stockings that would be great for someone in SCA, reinactment, or historical groups. :)

And today I'm going to start all over again on my Olympic socks! I'm back in training! :)