Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring has finally sprung!! :)

The weather is just fabbbbbulous here in NC this week!! Sunny, breezy and great! Flowers blooming all over the place! It's just great!

I haven't had much time to knit or crochet this week. I'm still working on pillows from Easy Knitting. I've picked out a pattern for the Summer Scarf exchange at Crochetville, but I haven't started working on it yet. Still trying to make up my mind what yarn to use.

I've been working outside a lot lately. I planted some new flowers, and I'm digging out a spot for some cobblestones in the backyard. It's slow going, as it seems every two inches I have to stop and chop out tree roots. So, it really just looks like a big mess right now.

When I first moved out here from Kansas, I thought the red dirt was really cool. I'd never seen red dirt, except in Gone With the Wind. But, now that I've actually tried working with the stuff.....Yikes! It's the most stubborn clay hard pain in the butt And it STAINS clothes like nobody's business. I have found that Oxyclean powder and a bit of goop hand-cleaner on the stains cleans up socks and baby clothes quite nicely though. :)

There are lots of butterflies and bumble bees visiting my flowers.

It took me a long time to get a good picture of one of these big yellow butterflies (swallowtail???) because everytime I got ready to snap a photo, they'd fly to another flower or plant. But finally, I got this one. One day last week we counted 12 of them in the backyard -- and they were just soooo pretty flitting around. :) We also have HUGE bumblebees that like the yellow flowers on our fence, and they also visit in our screened in porch because one of the screens is missing. They seem docile and don't try to sting or bother anyone, so we just enjoy watching them. One posed for a photo for me:

Digital cameras are SO cool! :)

And I have to include a picture of my favorite helper. :)

Joshua looks so serious in this picture. I guess chewing on a straw is something that requires a lot of concentration. And he had such a dirty When he helps with yard work, he really gets into his job.....playing in dirt, eating dirt, rolling in dirt, throwing dirt. Dirt is fun. lol.

I'll make a more "crafty'' post tomorrow! :)