Thursday, June 22, 2006

Friends and Flowers :)

Today I just felt like taking pictures! So I did!

Lookie what I saw outside!

He stopped long enough to pose for a picture!

Then there were two daddy longlegs hangin' out on the porch ceiling.

Ok....Ok....I will show you something that isn't a bug. ha ha.

My gladiolas, petunias and roses are blooming. At least THEY like the hot, humid NC summertime!

After snapping my pics outside, I came back in and folded laundry.

Everyone knows laundry fresh from the dryer is just for kitty cats! :)

Here's the little blue glass elephant my husband gave me a few days ago. :) I collect decorative glass of all sorts. :) He has a nice new home with my other pieces.

I wanted to see how much detail I could get with my digital camera. It did great! :)

Here's my lil' devil -- he'll be two in just a few days!!

My teenage son and I had a good laugh over the red eyes. :)

And the possessed kitty of course too.....

Kato is a sweetheart, but also very feisty! He believes all things should be pounced and killed. And that all humans are his pets and exist only to feed and scritch his ears. :)

But then again, I can still feel superior because I don't have to do THIS:

Ewwwwww! lol.

Well, that's my pictorial post for today! Tomorrow, it's back to crafting!