Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lace, anyone?

I've been wanting to try lace knitting for months! I even started a scarf a couple of times, but always ended up unraveling it. I was way too critical of my work and thought my yarn overs were uneven and ugly. But since then, I've discovered that lace really doesn't look at that great until it's blocked. I decided was the day I was going to finally start a lace scarf that would actually get finished.

I posted to a knitting list, and a member told me to try a feather and fan pattern at The pattern is located here, along with some basic tips about knitting lace. So I printed off the pattern, and moved on to picking out yarn and needles. :)

A few months ago, I hand-dyed some merino lace weight yarn from Knitpicks. I decided to use it on this project. I dyed the yarn using Black Cherry koolaid mix. It came out a nice burgundy color. But, unfortunately, while it was drying, the baby got ahold of the hank of yarn. And, it turned into this tangled mess:

So, needless to say, that yarn sat in a bag for a few months. I didn't want to have to sit and untangle 800 yards of yarn. LOL. But tonight, I finally did it. Now it's in 2 nice round balls, instead of a big knotted lump. :)

And here is my progress so far:

So far, so good! Wish me luck! I want to finish this simple pattern and then move on to more advanced patterns until I can tackle knitting a lace shawl. :)

If anyone else also wants to work on learning to knit lace, feel free to join me in knitting this pattern...then we can work up to more advanced projects. Just email me, or leave a comment....we can chat by email, or put up a KAL blog.