Saturday, December 30, 2006

Winter Scarf Knit Kit Exchange

I set up an exchange on Swap-Bot that I think sounds fun!

For anyone not familiar with Swap-Bot, it's a website where you can join in on all sorts of craft exchanges. You do have to sign up to join swaps there, but it's free and there are lots of different types to try. Everything from writing letters, to making homemade postcards to yarn and craft swaps.

For the knit kit swap, we will be exchanging a "Knit Kit'' containing:

At least 2 servings of hot drink mix (coffee, tea, cocoa, hot cider, etc)
A mug
A scarf pattern
Knitting needles to make the scarf
And, enough yarn to make the scarf

Swappers are urged to be creative and have fun! Make a decorated box for the kit, or include a notecard you make, or whatever you want to do. Give it a winter theme. Maybe valentine's day. Whatever you want -- just have fun!!!

If you go to Swap-bot, and look up the current swaps under "knitting'' you can see the swap information and sign up if you're interested. Or, there is an "email me'' button in the left hand margin of this blog, just drop me an email if you want more information.

Signups will close January 31st, with the exchange beginning on Feb 1st.

Email or leave a comment if you have questions, or are interested in signing up to swap! :)

NOTE: To bad swappers.......and you know who you are. TAKE HEED. All of us good swappers who send nice packages on time and don't leave our partners sad without receiving anything, will be VERY upset at you if you join this exchange and don't send your partner their swap package. And we do keep lists of people who haven't fulfilled their obligations elsewhere. All bad swappers will be chucked from this exchange!!! And those who disappear and don't send in this first Knit Kit swap, will not be allowed to sign up again. Period.

That being said, life does happen sometimes. The above statement doesn't include those who had unforeseen problems and mailed exchanges late, or for lost packages, etc. I've had that happen too! The above statement is only for those who join exchanges and receive items, and then disappear without sending, or send boxes of useless, dirty, broken junk. I have NO TOLERANCE left for that sort of thing.

For all those great swappers out there that I have the joy of knowing, or will soon know, THANK YOU for being so much fun, and for making your partner's exchange experiences so much fun!!!!!! YOU ALL ROCK!!!! And for new exchangers just joining in -- WELCOME!!! We're glad to meet you, and hope you have an absolute BLAST exchanging with us!!

Knit on!! Come and join us and get in some warm and fuzzy scarf knitting this winter!!!! (Or summer for the coming winter if you're down under or other warm places!)

Hugs! Juli