Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bad, bad blogger!!!

I have been such a BAD blogger!! This year I haven't updated things as much as I should. I'm going through all my links and removing dead ones and updating. And I'm going to start posting regularly again.

Give me a couple of days and things will be all cleaned up and spiffy again! :)

I've been busily working on all sorts of things....

I finished the Wild Rose doily...

But it isn't blocked yet. It's waiting in a ziploc bag for me to get in a blocking mood. The pattern is from the 1950's and is on the Celtwitch site here:

I took a basic filet class at Crochetville this month. Here are my first two samplers:

I've always avoided filet because I tend to lose my place in charts, but I saw the Laura Ingalls Wilder doily (pattern in June's Piecework magazine) and knew I just had to learn to do filet! And there is a butterfly shawl in filet that I want to make as well!!

I'm finishing up a filet doily now, and I found lots of Doctor Who inspired filet charts on Ravelry. If you are a Dr. Who fan, check it out! I found a chart for The Ood, an adiopose, K-9, the Tardis, etc. Now on Fridays when Dr. Who comes on, I can put on my scarf and crochet on a Dr. Who project! :) Gotta get my geek on somehow!

Well, gotta get back to updating links! My blog is a mess!!!