Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm loving this yarn!

I love trying out weird, new and different yarns to see what I can make from them. Different textures, weird colors, any sort of novelty yarn.....just fun to try all of them out. Some are duds, but some I really like!

A friend sent me 2 skeins of a yarn I hadn't heard of before....Aunt Lydia's Madison Avenue Crochet. It's an interesting mix of fuzzy colored yarn, thread and little nubs. I knew right away that this yarn needed to be knit into an airy summer scarf. I saw online that others had taken darker colorways of this yarn to make vests and other wearables....but to me, the mix of textures just screamed SCARF.... Who am I to argue with the all-knowing yarn muse?

And, since the name of the yarn said Crochet....I knew it must be knitted. Rebel, eh? :)

The color I was given is called White Rainbow. The thread and nubs are white, and the fuzzy color changes between red, blue, yellow, and turquoise.

I'm using #13 needles and cast on 10. Basic knit stitch. I think it's making a really cute, summery scarf! :)

I will definitely be buying more of this yarn to add to my stash! Fun to knit, and the mixed texture works well. :)

Kudos to my friend at c'ville who sent me this yarn!! Love it!!

And the knitting needles you can see a bit of in the photo are size #13s from Turn of the Century (also a gift from another c'ville friend several months ago). They make crochet hooks, knitting needles, pens/pencils....all sorts of wood items. I just LOVE this set of needles!! They work smooth and have a perfect point for picking up stitches. I also have one of their wooden crochet hooks that I really enjoy using. If you want to try out wood hooks or needles, I really recommend TOTC....(no affiliation, I just really like their work).....reasonable pricing and top notch quality!

Ok...commercial over.... :)

I seriously need to clear out a few WIPs that have been sitting around getting dusty. I finally got around to listing some of my projects on Ravelry, and noticed how many I had hanging around that aren't done.

I need to seam one pair of fingerless gloves (they've been awaiting seaming for about a year....YIKES!). I have one pair of mock smock socks (pattern from Knit Socks, whatever the yarn) that have been on dpns for months now. Another pair of cuff socks I'm making for a friend's child that have been sitting idle since about April or so. In a knitting tote zipped up and lonely, I have a Samaras hat that has been feeling unloved since about March or so. I'm also working on two gift projects, the scarf pictured at the top of this post, and a filet bookmark.

I will be starting NO new projects until I get all of those listed above finished. And then I will allow myself to start TWO and only TWO new projects. I get started on something and get bored with the repetition and start something else (knitting ADHD??)....then the WIP pile gets out of hand, and some poor projects never get finished. I have too much time (and money) invested in these incomplete knitted goodies to let them sit around. goal is get busy and finish them all. And then, I can have two new things to work on....and will also begin finishing up the Grand-Daddy of all Scraps of Beauty afghan that has been in a large plastic storage bin since we moved here in 2004. It is GORGEOUS....but involves lots of color changes, and working with a huge container of scrap balls of yarn. I actually started crocheting on it in 2002, but I stopped working on it when I moved to NC. When we moved from the city to where we live now, it got stored in a big plastic bin and hasn't seen the light of day since then.

By the end of the year, I want that afghan FINISHED!

First things first.....finishing WIP gift items...then on to the rest of the list!!

I shall triumph over the dusty WIPs!!