Sunday, August 07, 2005

First Sock all Done!

I finally finished my first sock! Here's a picture!

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I used larger dpn's this time since I hadn't used them before. When I make my second pair, I'll use size 2 or 3 dpns to get a tighter look.

I used Bernat Sox yarn in lime, and a ankle sock pattern from the Bernat website.

Now to start sock #2. :)

I bought some variegated sock yarn in autumn colors and a set of size 3 needles to make my next pair.

I still have the cursed Fun Fur scarf on my needles, plus a homespun scarf. A polka dot purse is another UFO I have to work on. I want to get all my unfinished stuff done before knitting class starts up again in September. My MIL wants me to make a sweater vest for her, and I want to be able to concentrate on it. That will be my first attempt at cables! :)

Still working on my craft room. I have all my yarn up on shelves. Just need to sort out my pattern books and other supplies. I'll take a picture of the finished room when it's all done and organized.

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