Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Finally, I got in some quality knitting time last night! We rented movies, and I worked on a scarf. :)

I'm making the Wavy scarf from out of Lion Brand Wool Prints. The color is called Autumn Sunset. When I first looked at the pattern, it took me a few rows to figure out what the designer meant by "work each stitch as it appears.'' Then it dawned on me that it meant to stitch each as it appears on the side that's facing. A purl looks like a knit stitch if you look at it from the backside. I had to pull out my first few rows and start again.....but, hey, I learned something new. :)

Here's my progress so far:

Image hosted by

The pattern would stand out a little more with a single color, but I really wanted to try out the Lion Brand Wool I had on hand. And so far, I love it! It's 100% wool, so it is feltable. And it's not scratchy and itchy. It's worsted weight, and doesn't have nobbly bits like some wool yarns. For projects where you don't want irregularities it would be perfect. Plus, it comes in some really pretty colors!

My big project for today will be to get some work done in my craft room. It's a disaster with stuff all out of place. So, I'm going to put on some Christmas music, roll the baby's playpen in there and get some real work done back there today!