Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Weekend Away!

Last weekend, my husband and I, along with my 15-year old son and Baby Josh, took a trip back to our old stomping ground in High Point, NC to see old friends. We went to a gaming convention. Yep....a convention where people just play games for an entire weekend. Role-playing games, board games, computer games.....any sort of game. And yes, I do realize this makes us uber nerds......but hey, we like being nerdy. lol.

We had a great time! Hubby and I took turns keeping track of the baby, played quite a few fun board games, and I managed to get a few rows done on the back piece for the cabled vest I'm knitting.

Here's what's done so far on the back of the vest:

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The needles aren't long enough for me to spread it out so you can see the pattern, but it's coming along nicely so far. I haven't gotten any knitting time this week hardly at all -- pout, pout -- but I plan to get some knitting time in this evening. I didn't start the decreases for the right and left side yet.....I want to start that tonight.

Here's some pictures of our weekend fun:

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Here are a few of our friends playing a game called Shadows Over Camelot by Days of Wonder Games. It's a great game! If you like King Arthur and enjoy cooperative board games (several players working toward quests, with a possible traitor among you), then you'd love this game!! We had a great time! We bought this game and a couple others, including Arkham Horror, which is also a great game. If you like H.P. Lovecraft....Arkham Horror is a great game that can be played with 1 to 8 players. :)

Here's a picture of the baby chilling during the game convention:

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We had a really good time!!