Friday, November 04, 2005

Unexpected Surprise

My husband called me from work yesterday morning, and the first words out of his mouth were "I can't believe I'm going to ask this.....'' I was all ready for something serious and awful....but then he said:

"I'm out working on some phone lines, and there's a little puppy out here down in a culvert. She's awfully cold. Can I bring her home? Do you want her?''

Of course I told him to bring her home. By the time he pulled up in the driveway, I had a blanket ready and had called the vet to make an appointment for her.

Here's the little cutie pie:

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My husband named her Millie. I took her right out to the vet to be checked and for puppy shots. She's fine, despite having a very nasty case of worms. Ewwwwww! She's doing great on house-training, and the baby just adores her.

Here's their first meeting:

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She's a cute, friendly little thing, but overly jumpy or too exciteable. We'll have her spoiled in no time. And....shame on the people who dumped a little puppy out in the middle of nowhere!! Unwanted animals can be taken to the shelter for free -- and there they can be adopted into a family that will take care of them. WHY would anyone need to dump a dog -- especially a helpless 6-8 week old puppy -- out where it has no chance of survival??? GRRRRRRR. And bless everyone who has pets and is responsible and loving to them. Pets aren't toys, they are living creatures and deserve to be treated well and respected. Thanks to my husband, Millie slept underneath warm covers last night and has plenty of dog food and attention now, instead of freezing and starving in a ditch. Makes me mad just thinking about it!! Ok....I'm off my soap box now.

There are lots of fall flowers blooming in our yard. :)

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And believe it or not, my red rose bush is trying to bloom one last time.

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Since it has frosted, I'm not sure if the bloom will actually get a chance to open fully, but it's pretty even as a bud. :)

And since I haven't posted a spider picture in awhile......

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Mr. Long Legs is still braving the cold, while most of the other spiders are gone already. We have one garden spider still living on our front porch. The rest I'm sure died when it frosted.

Needless to say with a new puppy, I didn't get much done knitting wise yesterday. Hopefully, I get some stitchin' time today!! :)