Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Where did this year go?????

Can you believe it's almost December already??? I can't believe 2005 is almost over already. Time just whizzed right by me! And as usual, I'm staring Christmas right down the stocking opening....and I have nothing done yet. lol. Every year I say I'm going to get started early, and every year I don't. At least this year, I can say I do have some good excuses. We moved in January. The baby takes up a lot of my time these days. And, I have had 3 teenagers to keep track of. So....I'm not being too hard on myself about being behind on holiday preparations.

Maybe next year I will have time to make handmade ornaments to hand out at Thanksgiving, etc, etc like I have always wanted to. And maybe next year I will have time to make more handmade gifts. My family members seem to really love afghans, knitted scarves, mittens, etc....but I just didn't have time this year.

I will do better in 2006. *crossing fingers*

I bought the January issue of Creative Knitting yesterday at the grocery store. It had the cutest round knitted dishcloth pattern in it. I couldn't resist and made one last night....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I did make a slight boo-boo.....as you can see the bottom stripes don't match up. But it's a dishcloth, and will wash dishes just fine with faulty stripes. :) I will be sure not to make boo-boos in the ones I'll be sending out to other people. It's a fun pattern. There are also some gorgeous sweater patterns in the January issue -- well worth buying. :)

It has rained here all day today. The cats are all lazing around the house today. Especially Grover. Look at this silly cat....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

He is such a lazy little thing. He's certainly filled out since we brought him home as a neglected skin and bones kitten a few months ago. I have informed him that he's a charlatan though. He's not really a black cat.....he has 4 white hairs on his back. I make sure to remind him every day that he's a faux black cat. Not that he cares. As long as his sand box is clean and his food bowl is full, he doesn't care much about anything.

This blog is nearly a year old! :) And it's about ready to reach the 30,000 hits mark. Not too shabby for its first year! I'm going to be posting a contest soon, with the winner getting a nice prize of yarn and other goodies from yours truly. I will post details later this week.