Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Celebration Contest! :)

As promised, for the rest of December, I will be having a contest on my blog. The winner will be announced January 1st, and will receive a big box of goodies -- yarn, craft supplies, patterns, etc from me!

I'm celebrating 2005! It was a milestone year in my family for all sorts of reasons....we moved and bought a house, Baby Josh hit all those cute baby milestones -- crawling, walking, talking, teeth, etc., my teenage son completed his freshman year of high school and started his sophomore year, we've made some great new friends here.....the list could go on and on.

2005 was a great year for crafting too! I started this blog in January 2005, and my counter just clicked over 30,000 hits at the beginning of this month. I learned how to knit this year, and love it! I also started designing my own patterns, taught myself needle tatting, learned to was just a banner year for creativity!

All in all, 2005 has just been a wonderful year for our family! Sure it had it's ups and downs....not everything was great. But I'm thinking positive and looking forward to 2006!

The contest is simple. I'm going to post a contest question at the end of each post I make for the rest of the month. People who read my blog can enter the contest by leaving a comment with their answer to that post's question, along with their email address, or their blog url.

I will write down each entry, and put them in the contest jar, which I have on my computer desk. At the end of the contest, a name will be drawn from all the entries, and I will notify that person that they have won! So, each comment left with an email address or url, will be a separate entry. The more entries, the better your chance of winning. The information will ONLY be used for contest entries. I'm a crafter, not a spammer. :)

Looking at what I have gathered so far for the contest prize box, the value of items is well over $100 already, and I will be adding more as the month forges ahead.

So, visit often this month and enter the contest -- it's well worth it!

I will be adding some new original patterns soon. I have the patterns all done, but with the holidays, four teenagers, a baby, a puppy, 3 cats and a husband.....finding time to get them posted has been impossible lately. I will try to get at least one posted in the next week.

If you like my blog, and my patterns, please take a second and vote for me at the Crochet and Hook list. The voting link is in the left margin of my page towards the top. I appreciate every click! :)

And here's the first contest question: (remember to post your answer in a comment with your email address or your blog url in case you win!)

What is your favorite online pattern -- knit, crochet or any craft? Please include a link so we can all enjoy your favorites! :)