Friday, December 16, 2005

Icy Winter Wonderland and Ghost Busting!

Our neck of the NC woods was visited by ice yesterday. It rained, sleeted and did absolutely yuckie stuff all day yesterday. My husband had a totally crappy day at work (he's a phone man) because of all the rain and ice, and most likely he will be working overtime today trying to repair downed lines and outages. Not to mention all the people who work for Duke Power, which is trying it's best to return power to more than 600,000 people in NC and SC this morning.

Our power was out for about an hour yesterday. More rural areas were out longer.

But this morning, when you walk outside, all you hear is drip, drip, drip and the occasional sound of chunks of ice falling to the ground. It's all melting. The sunrise was beautiful this morning because the sunlight caught all the icy tree branches.

I ventured out and took some pictures. :)

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Doesn't that make you feel cold just by looking at it?? Brrrrrr! :)

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This is the crepe myrtle tree in my sideyard. It was all full of ice this morning. A lot of it has melted off now.

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Our garden lion had a mane of frost this morning and icicles hanging off his nose. He looked absolutely miserable.

And just as a hoot, I took a picture to see if breath on a cold morning could be photographed. And sure can!!

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Looks like some of those graveyard ghost photos they like to show on those ghost chaser shows, doesn't it?! So....that just shows that those aren't pictures of ghosts -- it's either fog, or someone breathing while they're taking the photos. Probably if you looked at that picture long enough, you could even pick out a face or features of some sort.'s not a ghost. Just me freezing my buns off taking pictures of ice on a cold morning.

And while I'm debunking those pictures -- how about those silly orb pictures??

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This orb is not an unearthly disembodied spirit. It's a bit of water that got on the lense of my camera while I was taking photos. And other times, these pictures are bits of dust floating in the air, or other particles that happen to catch the light of the camera flash.

So....ghosts busted!


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Today's question is:

What is your favorite story about winter weather -- being snowed in, snow days off school, ice storms, etc??