Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town! :)

I was inspired by the upcoming holiday this week and made up a pattern for a knitted stuffed santa claus. He's not really fat, but he is jolly.

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I'll post the pattern by itself in the next post for anyone interested in making one. I hadn't done loop stitch in years, but I think his hair came out cute. :)

It's been a busy couple of days around our house getting ready for Christmas. We finally braved the storage shed and brought in all the Christmas boxes. We just put up a small tree this year with a few decorations since we have an 18-month old in the house. And as expected, Joshua has been busy the last few days taking decorations off the tree and playing with them. :)

Here's hubby doing his yearly check of the tree lights:

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I hate checking the lights -- I either end up stepping on them, or I get frustrated trying to figure out why half the strand isn't working. So....patient hubby untangles them and fixes them every year.

Mikey did his job this year as well. He's our official tree assembler. It's not easy pulling out all those branches and making them look more like tree branches than smashed big green pipe cleaners.

When I got the camera out, Mikey decided to become the Evil Pine Frond Ninja Santa.

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Eeeek!! Isn't he scary? :)

And here's the final result:

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Kinda sparse this year, but we knew the baby would be messing with the tree this year. So only a few unbreakable decorations.

Ok....Contest question!! For more info on the contest, here's a link my first post about it, in case you missed it.

The prize is a box of goodies from me worth about $100.

All you need to do to enter is post a comment with the answer to the contest question. You can enter more than once, so feel free to go back and comment on prior contest questions. :)

Contest question for today:

What is your happiest Christmas/Hanukkah memory?