Thursday, December 08, 2005

A big Thank you!

Well, it turns out I got a couple of my exchange packages mixed's been that sort of week. :) I am in two Christmas exchanges on two different groups -- turns out my partners in both of the exchanges are named Karen.

This wonderful purse that I received earlier this week is actually from Karen A. from Hooks n' Needles, and not Karen C. from Crochetville whom I thanked earlier this week.

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You can imagine my confusion yesterday whent he postman brought me a big box from Karen C. marked Crochetville Pal. I knew I'd made a mistake somewhere!! Took me a little bit to figure it out...but now I have my packages straight.

Karen C. from Crochetville sent me a great package! Here is a photo of what she sent:

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She sent me a beautiful felted bag, which I also saw on her blog! Also 4 skeins of yarn, two candles, some holiday kleenex for my purse, a magnetized notepad, a sheep address book, a needle sizer, 3 sizes of magic looms, a snowman pin, and snowman decorative soap.

I love both purses that I received!!! Goes to show that gals named Karen are excellent crocheters and knitters!!!

Thank you to both Karens -- and I'm sorry I got you two mixed up and thanked the wrong person for the wrong bag. :)

And to continue my blog contest for this month:

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